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Our Immigration Services

Our Solicitors at Pure Legal Solicitors are specialists in immigration law. Our Head of Immigration Law; Ajaz, who is also a partner at Pure Legal Solicitors LLP,  is a qualified solicitor who has studied and practiced within the UK; providing Pure Legal Solicitors with over 20 years of experience in immigration law.

Pure Legal Solicitors was founded to establish local provisions for a niche specialist market that is growing rapidly within the UK.

The UK immigration law evolves rapidly and we are dedicated to maintaining up to date knowledge to provide our clients with the best advice at the right time. Expertise in a wider area of law including: crime, personal injury and litigation enables practical solutions to be found for our clients wider goals.

Areas of representation


Pure Legal Solicitors have experience of representing entrepreneurs, Investors and individuals needing UK and EEA application help and advice under personal and family immigration routes.

Visas & Appeals

Pure Legal Solicitors can assist with all types of applications and appeals, further details of the areas of immigration can be found in the necessary sections below.

Business Immigration

Pure Legal Solicitors also provide representation for legal issues and advice on aspects of sponsorship (tiers 2 and 5), business visitors, illegal working legislation and civil penalty.

Immigration Services

We offer services for a wide range of immigration issues these services include (but not exclusively) the following areas:

-    Entry Clearance
-    Study Visas
-    Marital Visas
-    Work Permits / Investor Applications
-    British Citizenship: Naturalisations and Registration Application
-    Applications Under The Points Based System
-    Settlement Applications
-    Assistance With Visas With Your Local Consulate
-    Completion Of Visa Forms
-    Variation Of Leave To Remain/Leave To Return
-    Permanent Residency / Long Residency Application
-    Sponsorship Forms
-    Deportation Appeals / Bail Detention Matters
-    European Economic Area Nationals and Family Members
-    Appeals To The Immigration and Asylum Chamber
-    Judicial Review Challenges
-    Police and Human Rights

Individual and Human Rights

Applications for family, partners & spouses need to be prepared with the upmost amount of care. This need is growing in line with the strict rules the UK government and EU law are currently enforcing. The complexities, severity and stringency with which these immigration applications are regulated are only inclined to increase thus enhancing the requirement for professional insight in preparing an application for submission.

Pure Legal Solicitors are well equipped to advise you on the legal requirements and ensure that your application is completed to ensure the best possible chance of gaining the desired outcome for you and your family from your application.

Visitor categories including study, work and temporary work visas may also be complex cases where legal assistance is required. If you have been banned previously, overstayed a visa or don’t meet all of the requirements laid out for the application we can guide you through your options and provide you with the best advice for your situation.

In order to offer you with advice and assistance without any hidden fees we offer these services at a competitive fixed fee. We will provide you with an initial telephone consultation and our legal advice in writing before continuing the legal procedures as per your response.

Immigration for Business

Pure Legal Solicitors can provide your business with advice and assistance of all immigration aspects. Whether you are a small start-up business or a large enterprise you may require assistance on immigration rules relating to employees, the sponsor license system and rules for directors and consultants. 

We can offer you advice on not only tier 2 and 5 applications but alternative solutions available to your business applicable to individual situations and business visitors to the UK. In situations where you may be facing threatened or enforced legal action we can represent you in the negotiations with the authorities sensitively and discreetly. Our experience in initiating legal challenges means you will be in the best possible hands if this becomes necessary however, we will always attempt to exhaust all other options prior to resorting to legal challenges. Damage limitation is also of upmost importance in business and we will be on hand to assist you with your company’s media strategies and brand protection.  

Entrepreneurs (Tier 1)

Our experience of working with entrepreneurs preparing their application for UK immigration has proven our ability to work flawlessly with other professional advisors increasing application efficiency. 
Tier 1 is for entrepreneurs who desire to join a UK business. Pure Legal Solicitors are able to guide you through the options available under the Tier 1 category and offer advice on areas such as the amount of funding, source of funding, third party requirements, investments in new and existing businesses and switching from other categories.
The rules and regulations around starting your own business venture to join the UK are strict and stringently monitored. You will be required to show that you haven’t breached the terms and rules outlined by immigration prior to or during the application process.  
We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships that we develop from day one. It is of paramount importance to us that you feel comfortable and able to trust us as we work purely for you. Our advice is always tailored specifically around you and your long term plans enabling us to ensure you are in the best possible position to apply for and secure extensions, indefinite leave to remain and UK citizenship. 
As refusals to entrepreneur applications are becoming commonplace and often due to minor technical issues it is of critical importance to seek legal advice. Pure Legal Solicitor's professional team are able to spot potential issues and present the strongest possible case on your application. We are also able to prepare a strong appeal if your application has already been refused when you come to us.

Investors (Tier 1)

If you have a minimum of £1 million to invest in the UK you can apply as a Tier 1 investor. Pure Legal Solicitors are able to offer advice on all areas of your application and specifically funding options and permitted sources of investment. We will discuss the details of your application with reference to practicalities and the different possibilities open to you as an investor. It is important to understand your long term goals in order to provide you with the best way to obtain indefinite leave to remain for your personal circumstances.
Pure Legal Solicitors will also offer you advice on your family visas and the best set up for you and your spouse’s application, taking into consideration your tax affairs and amount of time you may be required to be out of the country. As a long term plan we will advise you on how to obtain indefinite leave to maintain for your children, allowing them to secure a UK education and work immediately upon graduation.
We have a valuable contact base of professionals in accounting, tax, investment portfolios, business and property and we are more than happy to share our reliable and trusted local business contacts with you to increase the ease of your transition to the UK.

Education Providers

As an education provider there are a wide range of immigration aspects that must be considered. We work with a variety of further education providers and English language centres, providing us with the experience required to advise all education providers, whether you hold a Highly Trusted Sponsor licence or if you are completely new to Tier 4. Pure Legal Solicitors can conduct compliance checks and offer advice on the following;

  • Student recruitment strategies
  • Legal issues from credibility interviews
  • Individual student rights
  • Business growth through collaborations
  • Work placement rules
  • Legal issues for branches, partner institutions and satellite campuses
  • Rules surrounding child and student visitors
  • Tier 2 and 5 sponsor issues

Working Purely For You

Pure Legal Solicitor’s expertise are able to provide you with insight on immigration rules and regulations to aid you in your key decision making and planning. The immigration system for education providers is much more lenient of late however there are still significant risks inherent with immigration law. Pure Legal can guide you through negative decisions, raids and enforcement action. 

Our experience in initiating legal challenges means you will be in the best possible hands if this becomes necessary however, we will always attempt to exhaust all other options prior to resorting to legal challenges. Damage limitation is also of upmost importance in business and we will be on hand to assist you with your company’s media strategies and brand protection. 

Pure Legal Solicitors LLP

Professional Network

UK Visa and Immigration & Embassy Links

Pure Legal Solicitors have well-established relationships with the UK Visa and Immigration and British embassies. These connections enable us to provide you with the very best service for your immigration needs.

So whatever your immigration requirements may be we are well positioned within the professional immigration network, fully experienced, knowledgable and up to date with the ever evolving immigration laws.

We are able to help you with your applications, questions or concerns so contact us now for our purely expert advice and guidance.