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Public Law

Challenges Against Public Bodies

Public law is about people challenging unlawful decisions, policies, and practices of public bodies. That includes challenges against the UKVI and other government departments, local councils and health authorities. 

Public bodies must always act fairly, reasonably and rationally when making decisions. Failure by a public body to act in such a way when making a decision on your matter may be challenged by bringing Judicial Review proceedings in the High Court.

Purely For You

Here at Pure Legal Solicitors LLP we have years of experience of pursuing these types of proceedings. We can support you through all aspects of the legal process involved. If you think that a public body may have acted in such a way against you then contact us as soon as possible as any claim must be brought without delay and the court imposes strict time limits in which to bring a claim. 

Whilst the majority of public law claims don't require high court representation that doesn't make them any less important to the individual affected. We recognise the significance of each case to our clients at Pure Legal and work with you using our expertise and handling your case with the highest level of sympathy for your situation.